Moving right along in my five part Unicorn Ink Review Series is another beautiful blue called Sailor Ishida Bungu Hakodate Twilight.

  1. Edo-Murasaki
  2. Maruzen Athena Eternal Blue
  3. Kingdom Note Thysanostoma Thysanura
  4. Sailor Ishida Bungu Hakodate Twilight
  5. XXXXX

The packaging is similar to the Maruzen Athena Eternal Blue, with the bottle being the same.  The notable difference is that this bottle actually has a label, whereas Eternal Blue did not.

For this review I decided to ink up my new Pilot Custom 74 demonstrator.  Its a smooth, reliable and reasonably wet writer.

The color is a deep blue, but it has an absolutely GORGEOUS red sheen.  The sheen quality is so great that sometimes entire words just looked a glowing red color.

Ink Journal Tomoe Entry:

The line going down on CF Paper:​​

Here is a color comparison chart of other blues I have inked, regular light and HDR.  Even on CF paper the sheen is very apparent.

Since I am a huge fan of sheen this ink is a definite win for me, even with the inflated price and severely limited availability.  Unlike the other inks I have reviewed, I do not see a clear “alternative” to Hakodate Twilight.  The closest I can think of is Diamine Majestic Blue, but I find that ink too “sticky” for lack of a better word.

I probably wouldn’t use this ink for business purposes but it will definitely be a favorite in my creative writing book ^_^

This is part 4 of the Unicorn Ink Review Series, when I post 5 I will announce my next giveaway!  Those are always fun.

I leave you now with a photo of my latest ink haul.  Looks like there are many many more ink reviews to be done, yay!