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March 2017

Pelikan Edelstein Smoky Quartz Review and GIVEAWAY!

Pelikan has been a brand that I loved from the start.  My first "real FP" was a Pelikan, the M205 Amethyst.  Sadly I missed out on that particular ink, but have not made that mistake since!  So it was a... Continue Reading →

Writteninrice Custom Pen Wrap Review

By now everyone knows about my love for hippos ❤  So when I saw these super cute pen wraps I knew that a hippo one had to be made!  As my pen collection grows, so does my need for a... Continue Reading →

Platinum 3776 Nice Lilas Review

A while back I received the Platinum 3776 Century Nice Lilas.  A beautiful pink limited edition version of the popular Platinum 3776. The term limited is used loosely, the only limited nature of the pen being that the first 2000... Continue Reading →

Lamy Pacific Blue Ink/Al-Star Review and Pen Giveaway!

The amazing turquoise Hippo Noto made me long for a happy blue, and I had a bottle of Lamy Pacific Blue waiting in the wings along with the matching Al-Star to try! To the dismay of many, Lamy repackaged their... Continue Reading →

Writing Lab Old Burgundy Review

With the amazing launch of the Hippo Noto Kickstarter  I have fallen a bit behind in my ink reviews, but for a good cause so...^_^.  Tonight I decided to give my Visconti Rembrandt a last shot to impress me before it... Continue Reading →

Hippo Noto Kickstarter Up! ^_^

Soooo the Kickstarte went up a little earlier than was planned, but I am so happy it did!  I am amazed by the response so far, and am just so grateful for this community.  If you would like to join... Continue Reading →

Introducing: Hippo Noto

Many of you have probably been wondering what all the cryptic Robert Oster photos were about lately.  The time has finally come to announce a project that I am very excited about!  So the story goes: Last year I got... Continue Reading →

Monteverde Fire Opal Review

Orange isn't a color I am typically in love with, but its definitely a color that I want to love.  It is a bright, happy color that really gives a little something extra to the pages of my notebook whenever... Continue Reading →

Diamine Tropical Glow Review

While I love shimmer inks, I find that I don't reach for them often in regular writing.  The effect is super neat, but my handwriting just tends to look nicer with fine nibs and I've always felt that these inks... Continue Reading →

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