My Inky Pen Adventure


January 2017

Bungubox Omotesando Blue Review

When I saw the IG post about the new Bungubox color I just could not wait to get my inky fingers on them!  The two new colors that were released were Omotesando Blue and Ink of Naotora (Red).  The last... Continue Reading →

Louis Vuitton Violet Malicieux Review

After my first encounter with LV ink (Rouge Libertin), I was very hesitant to spend another $52 on a bottle of their ink.  I decided to give it one more go though.  I mean its a new purple to try...The... Continue Reading →

Kingdom Note Marsupenaeus Japonicus Review

Feels like its been a while since I've done a review!  I've been moving for the last few days and anyone who has moved can tell you that it is definitely not fun, and certainly time consuming :(.  But now,... Continue Reading →

Kingdom Note Entoloma Virescens Review

Another amazing package arrived from Japan the other day and with it some really cool blue ink!  It is from the Kingdom Note Mushroom series and like all of the others in the series has a rather scientific name.  Entoloma... Continue Reading →

Sailor Tokiwa-Matsu Review

Green, not a color you see me review often, but this year I'm determined to try new things ^_^.  It felt only natural to try a Sailor green since I am so fond of the brand.  I decided to give... Continue Reading →

Bungubox Mother Pink Review

My great love being pinks and purples, I am really not sure what took me so long to try Bungubox Mother Pink.  Perhaps the dysfunction with my own mother?  Lol ^_^. It came in the standard lovely Bungubox packaging of... Continue Reading →

Franklin-Christoph Philly Pen Show 17′ Ink Review

While it seems my luck with Franklin-Christoph pens has been very good, my luck with their ink deliveries has been mostly miss.  You may recall the debacle with Black Cherry and Tenebris Purpuratum, well now the same has happened to... Continue Reading →

Kyonooto No. 02 Imayouiro Ink Review and Franklin-Christoph Model 02 First Impressions

The pen mail fairy seems to have been really good to me the last few days because another package arrived right on the heels of my hippo pen ^_^ A Franklin-Christoph Model 02 arrived, my second eye-dropper!  I am obsessed... Continue Reading →

GW Pens Alpha Custom Hippo First Impressions and Robert Oster Purple Soul Ink Review/Raid My Ink Cabinet Giveaway!

Since my trip down the rabbit hole of FPs, pens have become very dear to me.  I decided to combine that passion with my most cherished memory, that of my son. The backstory:  Almost four years ago my husband and... Continue Reading →

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