When I re-entered the world of fountain pens the name Maruzen was still foreign.  Now a few months back into the frenzy, to me it has become synonymous with grail.  I had never had a grail ink before, the rarest in my collection being a couple of Bungbox inks which were procured quite easily in the USA.  Maruzen was another story.

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  1. Pilot Iroshizuku Edo-Murasaki
  2. Maruzen Athena Eternal Blue
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I first heard of this ink from a follower of this blog, just another reason why I love doing this, I learn so much from you all ^_^.  There was very little information and very few reviews online.  I searched on eBay, and even put some feelers out to contacts in Japan but my break came when I purchased my Edo-Murasaki ink.  The seller out of the blue offered me all manner of exotic ink, which included the Eternal Blue.  I jumped on the opportunity and in less than a week there was a box of the most wonderful inks ever on my doorstep.

Can I just say that I love the bottle?

For this review I inked up my Pilot Namiki Vanishing Point Raden – M nib.  It is a reliable, smooth, and generally wet writer.  This ink did not disappoint.  While it wasn’t the wettest ink that I have encountered it was juicy, smooth, well saturated, lots of beautiful shading, and it had SHEEN, yes sheen!  The trait that I chase on a daily basis.

It is worth noting that in this video I am using CF paper, it seemed to come out substantially drier on it than the tomoe paper that I typically use.

Here is the ink journal entry, on 52GSM tomoe:

The sheen is a lovely red, which as always is hard to catch in photos and 10000% more beautiful in person.

I just so happened to have these other blue tones inked up.  This comparison was done on CF paper, HDR and natural light.

The color is a wonderful darker blue which make it very versatile, writing for business or pleasure.  It has so many wonderful attributes, but would I say that it is worth the $60.00 that I paid for it?  Probably not.  To me it is very similar to Yama-Dori by Sailor.  It is quite similar in sheen and color.  I am also not much of a dark ink person so I may be a bit biased.  I would buy this color again if it were offered at not such a premium price, perhaps around Bungbox pricing.  Or if Yama-Dori was not so ready available at a much lower cost.

I leave you now with this photo of Eternal Blue in action ^_^