The last few days have sure been a blur!  Time seems to go by faster when you’re super excited about a certain hippo notebook ^_^.  Or wait…should it be going by slower lol.  In any case tonight I got to do some much needed ink therapy tonight with Bungubox Sakurasaku!

I found out about this color because Bungubox was selling it in a set with this beautiful pink celluloid pen!

I will review the pen separately, but seriously its beautiful!  The finial features a raden/maki-e sakura.  How can that ever be wrong?  But lets focus on the ink ^_^.  Of course I had to pair them for this review.


InkJournal Entry:


Line going down on 68GSM Hippo Noto tomoe:

Ink Swab and Blob:


Comarison with other red/pink tones:


I have to admit that on first use I was a little disappointed, it seemed like just a basic reddish tone, however as I continued to use it I noticed that it shades to an almost pink so that made it ok.  What would a Sakura ink be without pink tones right?  The time-lapse really gave me an appreciation of it.  That gold sheen!  This leads me to believe that with a wetter nib, sheen in writing may be possible.  The ink is well behaved but very middle of the road on all traits.  I am sure that there are many who would absolutely adore this ink, but it is just average to me.  I much prefer Momiji which is cheaper and much easier to procure!

I leave you now with this lovely photo of Hippo Noto with the Bungubox Sakura pen and ink ^_^