The Montblanc ink curiosity continues with Petit Prince: Sands of the Desert. This is the follow-up ink to the Montblanc Petit Prince: Red Fox.


Price: $43.00 from Montblanc Boutique

Size: 50ML

Bottle: Glass

Box: Hard shell box

Status: Limited Edition

This color drew inspiration from the brown leather cap of the aviator the Little Prince meets in the desert. Do you think they nailed it?

Ink Blob:

Writing Sample:


The blob didn’t come out as “brown” as I imagined. It was brown, but quite dark with a frosty sheen that has tones of gold, brown, and blue black. It can be seen in regular writing as well.

This ink has a much thicker consistency than the Ladies Edition: Pearl that I tried yesterday. The blob took substantially longer to dry, but is on par with other inks of this saturation.

This ink can definitely be used as a daily writer, especially if you want something with a little more character. The writing sample was done with an unbranded Chinese pen with an F nib, yet the ink had no problems producing sheen and shading in such a narrow nib.

Looking forward to writing many letters with this one!

I leave you now with a photo of some lovely Le Petit Prince pens at the Honolulu Montblanc boutique. I hope to add the Le Petit Prince LeGrand Solitaire with all the foxes to my collection someday!