It has been quite a while since I have done a review, not for lack of wanting to play with awesome ink of course 🙂  Happy to say that we are almost done with Late Pledge shipping!  We are shipping out orders from Late November and our goal is to be able to ship Hippo Notos to their new homes in a matter of days from order soon.  The original batch is shrinking, but it’s not too late to get in on it.  Visit to view our selection.  Use code pygmy at checkout to save 10% on your entire order, no minimum required.  Everything from Hippo Notos to our pen rolls included in the sale 🙂  And stay tuned for the giveaway at the end of this post.

Now let’s get to the ink ^_^.



The packaging is very sturdy, and it should be for an ink with an MSRP of $71.50 for 50ml.  The bottle itself is majestic.

It has a huge cap with the iconic Montblanc symbol sitting proudly on top.

But what does it look like?


One of my first thoughts, and the thought of others in the pen community when I posted photos of this color, was that it reminded me of Kobe #57.  It was adventure trying to find this ink again in my crate of disorganized ink lol, but I found it for comparison!


Comparatively the colors have similar saturations, but Kobe #57 definitely has a wider color range.  What the Montblanc has on it in my book is a bit of sheen, at least on the blob.  I was not lucky enough to encounter any during regular writing.  Kobe #57 still reigns supreme as my favorite unicorn ink, but the Montblanc elixir has a character all its own.  Is it worth $71.50?  I’m not sure the answer is yes for me, as I have a lot of other purple ink, but if you want a nice shader without a lot of sheen, this could be a contender!

Which color do you prefer?

Pygmy Hippo Noto Alert!


If you have been following Hippo Noto on social media or saw me at the pen shows last year, you’ve seen the next chapter of the Hippo Noto Project.  B6!  The entire #hipposquad has been excited about this for a while, but we have never been closer to making it a reality.  We have the prototypes and our production team is ready to go as soon as our next Kickstarter campaign is over.  We plan to launch in the next couple of months ^_^.


The Kickstarter experience has been one of learning, we experienced a major delay, which was frustrating for all.  This caused our timelines to be pushed back in every possible way, and while this was devastating, it showed us a clear path for the future.  As we bring things together more information will be shared here and on our social media.  This blog is the first place I shared the Hippo Noto concept, and I look forward to being much more present here as we develop the next installment.

One of the big features coming are our adorable page numbers!


Which color is your favorite?  The page number and dot colors match the outer strap for a hint of adventure inside.

We have lots more in store for the next project, including an exclusive ink by an ink genius that we all know and love ❤

Now lets have a little fun with a giveaway!  Unfortunately I don’t have a Violet de Cobalt to give away but I did find a stash of Montblanc ink I had no idea I had tonight!  The winner will receive their choice of Montblanc Beatles Psychedelic Purple or Montblanc BMW Blue.


And since its a new year and the perfect time for letter writing, in addition to your choice of one of the inks above, the prize will include this beautiful stationery set.


To Enter Click Here!

I leave you now with a photo of the most comfortable doggo in the world…