From the beginning of my fountain pen love affair, I’ve been after sheen and other ink I consider interesting.  Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that someday I would have the opportunity to work with amazing ink producers on custom colors.  Krishna x Hippo Noto Magentum is one of these inks.

I had the pleasure of being introduced to Dr. Sreekumar of Krishna Inks through Aditya B of The Pen World.  Hippo Noto started carrying Krishna ink, famed for its unique colors and sheen, and was told there may be an opportunity for collaboration.  For my part I envisioned an ink the color of our logo with some sheen on it, but the Dr. knew what was in my heart before I knew it was there.


Rather than just the purple in the logo, which is definitely present in the tones of the ink, this ink ended up being right out of my sheening/shading loving fantasies.

Here are some shots:



I haven’t done a time-lapse or really any videos for a while, so here it is ^_^.

The range of color here is huge, pinks and purples in light and dark turns, some salmon colors, and that sheen!  In regular writing there is a good amount of shading and sheen on the lettering.

What I love most about this ink is that it reacts differently depending on how you put it down on paper.  Sometimes it shows its full range of color, yet it can be a saturated writing ink as well.  Never boring!  But of course below you have a chance to form your own opinions on this vibrant ink!

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I leave you now with a photo of my doggo sitting in the grass ❤