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April 2017

Montblanc UNICEF Blue Review

Montblanc inks hold a special place in my heart, as it was the first FP ink I ever purchased, so of course I was thrilled to hear that they had a new blue coming.  I have a few of their... Continue Reading →

Bungubox Imperial Purple Review

I have no idea what took me so long to try Bungubox Imperial Purple.  Its been available since I started trying Bungubox inks, and I've tried a lot of colors I like a lot less than purple without giving this... Continue Reading →

Robert Oster Peppermint Review

Robert Oster Peppermint has eluded me for a bit.  By the time I realized that I needed another green in my life the place I usually get my ink from was sold out.  But like all good things a bottle... Continue Reading →

Organics Studio Nitrogen Review

Organics Studio is an ink that I have heard more bad than good about.  Stories of sediment, dryness, and iffy quality.  Despite this when I saw a photo of the sheen that comes off their color Nitrogen, I had to... Continue Reading →

Robert Oster Australian Shiraz Review

Robert Oster has been rolling out quite a few new colors lately, Australian Shiraz is one of them.  Shiraz is such an interesting word that I had to look up its meaning.  There are a few but the one that... Continue Reading →

Mitsukoshi Hikaru Review

Could it be?  An actual ink review?  ^_^  So I was finally able to take a moment and play with some ink.  This time its Mitsukoshi Hikaru ink. This is another Sailor ink, branded for a shop in Japan.  I... Continue Reading →

Currently Inked? / Giveaway!

This is an open call for currently inked suggestions ^_^.  I recently got a cute little book made by a company called Inky Fingers.  I attempted to start a currently inked list, but like the entries in my hobonichi, I... Continue Reading →

Hippo Noto Update!

Where's the ink?  I've been a little (or a lot) preoccupied lately with the awesomely hippo sized project Hippo Noto has become ^_^.  That being said I know that I have been slacking on the ink reviews!  My to try... Continue Reading →

Voice Shiba-zuke Review

Packages from Japan always make me smile ^_^.  So when these Voice inks arrived I was overjoyed! They are Sailor inks for a Japanese stationery store.  Of course I had to start with the pinky looking one! For this review... Continue Reading →

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