My Inky Pen Adventure


February 2017

Aurora Blue/Black Review

My blog usually consists of pinks, purples, and Sailor inks, so when I was offered the chance to review a darker, Italian, and unreleased ink I jumped at the chance!  Huge thank you to Kenro Industries for providing this bottle... Continue Reading →

Nakaya Line Variation (Soft Non-Elastic) and Naka-Ai/Portable Cigar Comparison

Line variation is a subject that has always been of interest to me.  Recently Aurora announced a limited edition flex nib pen that made my heart flutter, but so did the price!  So I decided to explore options that I... Continue Reading →

Sanko-do Yamazakigawa (Pink) Review

Before I ordered this ink I had never heard of Sanko-do, a stationary store in Japan.  Japan seems to have a lot of limited editions for specialty shops and I am truly thankful for that!  Adds a new dimension to... Continue Reading →

Akkerman Pulchri Pink Review

More pink this week!  Akkerman Pulchri Pink #20 is not a new ink to me, in fact it is one of the earlier ones in my collection and one of my all time favorite pinks, you'll see why soon! The... Continue Reading →

Ink Mail! <3

Today was one of those days when I was running around like a chicken with no head.  So I forgot my review items at work...luckily there was some glorious ink mail waiting for me when I got home. I have... Continue Reading →

Montblanc Pink Ink Review

I seldom use cartridges, but when I do, they are pink!  Sadly Montblanc Pink Ink is no longer available in its glorious bottled form so I picked up some Pink Ink cartridges for the only pen I use cartridges with,... Continue Reading →

Kobe #30 Ooji Cherry Review

How many Kobe inks are there again?  Too many for my mere mortal collection to handle! But I am slowly working through them, at least the pinks and purples ^_^ I've had Kobe #30 Ooji Cherry sitting for a while,... Continue Reading →

Improving my Ecosystem

Almost everything has been put away at in our new home, so my husband decided that he would buy me the new Macbook Pro that I've been wanting.  Thus far I have been blogging on my phone or iPad and... Continue Reading →

Visconti Purple Review

My experience with Visconti thus far as been limited.  I have a single Visconti pen, which after decent performance started giving me a less than stellar writing experience.  The nib was replaced under warranty, however the replacement nib acts the... Continue Reading →

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