This is part one of a series of five reviews I call the “Unicorn Ink Review Series”.  These are special inks that I have been after for a while, and while they aren’t “hard” to get by everyone’s standards, they aren’t available regularly in the USA and were a bit of a challenge for me to come by!  So here we go 🙂

  1. Pilot Iroshizuku Edo-Murasaki
  2. XXXXX
  3. XXXXX
  4. XXXXX
  5. XXXXX

I will start with Edo-Murasaki.  This is a Tokyo limited edition ink that I found pretty scarce, even on eBay.

For this review I inked up one of my favorite writers, the Pelikan M600 Pink.  It is not just a pretty face, but a very well behaved and most importantly for me, smooth, wet pen.

Here is the line going down on CF paper.  It has a very nice flow and did not disappoint!

I also did my standard Ink Journal entry:

It is hard to tell in this photo but there is a very subtle what looks like silver sheen.  I was a bit disappointed that it didn’t have as much sheen as Yama-Budo has, but most inks don’t 😦

It is however a beautiful dark plum purple color with the great shading I’ve come to expect from Iroshizuku ink.  Is it special enough to justify the $70.00 price tag?  As much as I wanted to say yes, I would not buy it again, I have other inks that would fit the bill for less.  It doesn’t fill any particular exotic gap for me but I am glad to have had the experience and will definitely use the bottle I have now ^_^

Here is a comparison to other purples and Iro inks I have inked currently.

CF Paper HDR:

52GSM Tomoe

I will leave you with this cute photo of our new doggie 🐶