I would like to think that I am the kind of person who will try anything (well almost anything!) once, that includes colors!  My collection is dominated by pinks, purples, and blues.  I have a few greens here and there, but they are few and far between.  Orange, is a whole new world.

KWZ Monarch ended up on my radar after seeing someone post a beautiful stub nib lettering.  The beautiful shading gave me the feeling of a sunset and I knew I had to have a bottle.  I usually go to Vanness for my KWZ ink, however this was a special case.  This ink is made for the Netherlands shop Fontoplumo, and sadly shipping a bottle of Monarch by itself would cost 40 Euros, which was more than the bottle itself, the site did have a free shipping option after a certain amount so I decided that I would have to buy a Pelikan M205, a Visconti Violet, a Rhodia Notebook, and an extra bottle of Monarch to give away here to get the free shipping ^_^.  Nice logic right?

It arrived in the standard KWZ packaging of a cardboard box and a plastic wrapped bottle.  There is a special butterfly marking on this one however, which is a nice touch!


From the name and the packaging I am guessing that KWZ would have you think of a Monarch Butterfly.  I can totally see where they were going with that.  It does actually have a pretty butterfly orange color.  The shading is gorgeous!  It is hard to tell in photos but the saturation is a bit low, if this were a drier pen it might not be legible.

For this review I inked my Montblanc Starwalker 100 Years edition.  This was the troublesome pen that brought me into the FP world, but it is a smooth, wet writer.

Ink Journal Entry:

No matter how wet the ink was, there does not appear to be any sort of sheen which is always sad for me.  It also dried a bit slower than the other KWZ inks that I have tried, but not by much.

Line going down on CF Paper:

This is a super fun ink for creative writing, art, etc, but I couldn’t see it being used for business purposes.  It definitely wont be something I keep inked all the time, but every once in a while this pop of color will bring me joy.

Now for the fun part, the giveaway!

Prize:  KWZ Monarch Ink

How To Win:

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Open until the end of the year!  12/31/16 @ 11:59PM HST.  I will be drawing the winner on New Year’s Day.

Open to USA.

Thank you to all who make the FP community so great!  Happy Holidays ^_^