Dark inks aren’t something that usually draw me in right away, for my purposes I usually prefer brighter colors, however after seeing some swabs of Black Hole floating around the net, I needed to see it for myself.

For this review I decided to ink my Taccia Maki-e Reserve Winter Crystals – M Nib. The pen reminds me of the vastness of space.

***All experiments done in 68GSM TR Hippo Noto.

Ink Blob:


Writing Sample:

And for the first time featured, Sheen Evolution!

At first this color was just a black with a copper sheen, but after leaving it for around a day and a half, the sheen had taken on a blue property in addition to its copper color. Needless to say I was very excited! I took some photos with different lighting to show the awesomeness of this phenomenon. Even in the regular writing, the blue creeps up a bit.

Overall the ink is very sheeny, I would consider it a base color sheen type of ink. It is a bit thicker than normal ink, but it has a nice flow and saturation. If you want to see the blue I recommend a juicy/wet nib, as it appears it come out where the ink is most saturated.

Now this is one dark ink I will need more than one bottle of!

Our first shipment of Colorverse Ink is on the way! It’s not too late to get in on the sheeny fun: http://www.hipponoto.com.

I leave you now with a photo of my journaling lineup yesterday ^_^.