Moving right along through the Colorverse I decided to try Vortex Motion.

For this review I decided to ink my Pelikan M805 Stresemann, I wanted a juicy writer to show off sheen as usual ^_^.

Ink Blob:


Writing Sample:

This ink was a bit surprising to me, if you look closely at the blob there are actually some light blue outlines going on. I haven’t seen it in writing but they are definitely there. It even came out in the color that showed through the back of the paper. Usually the color that shows through for a blob is very true to the color it is, but this was totally different.

It’s super exciting to see all the hidden traits come out in these inks. What do you think of surprises in color?

This ink is definitely a sheener, it felt a little less thick than Redshift though, and the flow was great. It is saturated, and while writing has a nice brown tone base color. The sheen is not particularly overpowering, but it definitely has a presence.

Want to try some for yourself? Our shipment is already in Hawaii and pre-orders are still available at

I leave you now with some FP decorating I was doing in my journal ^_^. Someone on IG called it a Postirch, I like it!