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Colorverse Black Hole Review

Dark inks aren't something that usually draw me in right away, for my purposes I usually prefer brighter colors, however after seeing some swabs of Black Hole floating around the net, I needed to see it for myself. For this... Continue Reading →

Pen Mail!  My favorite time of day…

Can you guess the giveaway items?  At least one will be announced later today 💙

First Haul of December ^_^

Review of the items to come, but for now just want to share the absolutely beautiful packaging by I have purchased from them before, and each time the box has felt like a Christmas gift.  Each item, no matter... Continue Reading →

Visconti Rembrandt Merry-Go-Round

When I first entered the fountain pen world I was amazed at how many brands of fountain pen there were.  Previously I had just heard of Montblanc and Parker.  Visconti was one of the names that kept coming up so... Continue Reading →

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