It seems that I won’t stop until I try all the Colorverse inks! There are a few inks from other brands that I’ve been wanting to try but whenever I take them out I see the stack of Colorverse and think….I could use some sheen in my life today! Today’s ink is Colorverse Supernova from their Season 2 line.

For this review I decided to ink up my 18111 Pens Sakura Bonfire with Jowo Flex nib installed.

Ink Blob:


Writing Sample:

Comparisons. For this review I decided to do some comparison mini blobs. There are so many blues with red sheen that one needs to be certain its not too similar to anything easily accessible. Especially with the shipping costs.

Closeup of the Supernova Mini Blob:

Make no mistake, this ink is a sheener! Even in writing you’ll get a good bit of sheen from a moderately wet nib. The natural flow of this ink is great, and the wet lines that went down from the Jowo Flex nib were truly a joy to see. I have quite a few blues with red sheen in my collection so I was a bit worried that there might be a doppelgänger, but of the ones I use regularly and one that I don’t (Sailor Sky High has been waiting to be tried for a while now), it seems just different enough to enhance my collection. In these photos it seems the most similar to Sky High, but the sheen differs a bit, and I am liking the Supernova sheen more.

Bring on the rest of those colors! I suppose the big question is, will I finish testing these before I can get Season 3 in my hands?

All testing done on Hippo Noto 68GSM TR Paper. Click here and join the #hipposquad!

I leave you now with a photo of dinner from a couple nights past…my dinner tonight sucked so I’m living vicariously through this photo lol.