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Colorverse Ink Supernova Review

It seems that I won't stop until I try all the Colorverse inks! There are a few inks from other brands that I've been wanting to try but whenever I take them out I see the stack of Colorverse and... Continue Reading →

Platinum Izumo, Rhodia Heritage Notebook, and Kobe #13 Nunobiki Emerald Review

99% of my writing life is spent on TR paper, be it the 68GSM or 52GSM variety. It is simply my favorite kind of paper so I usually don't venture away, but when I saw the Rhodia Heritage Notebook I... Continue Reading →

Nemosine Alpha Centauri Review

Nemosine isn't a brand I have come across too many times in the FP world.  The first and only time was a Nemosine Singularity fountain pen when I first started with FPs.  It was a great pen, but I "outgrew"... Continue Reading →

Mitsukoshi Hikaru Review

Could it be?  An actual ink review?  ^_^  So I was finally able to take a moment and play with some ink.  This time its Mitsukoshi Hikaru ink. This is another Sailor ink, branded for a shop in Japan.  I... Continue Reading →

Pen and Message Saku Ink Review

Moving right along to the next amazing Pen and Message ink in the bunch, I decided to ink up Saku tonight.  It comes in a tall Sailor box with Japanese characters on it, I have no idea what it says... Continue Reading →

Pen and Message Sanyasou Review

Please forgive me if I butchered the name of this ink, the translation came out totally wrong!  As you will see in the time-lapse. Yesterday I received the shipment of Pen and Message/Writing Lab inks that I have been waiting... Continue Reading →

Aurora Blue/Black Review

My blog usually consists of pinks, purples, and Sailor inks, so when I was offered the chance to review a darker, Italian, and unreleased ink I jumped at the chance!  Huge thank you to Kenro Industries for providing this bottle... Continue Reading →

Kobe #56 Rokko Shichidanka Review

A few entries ago I reviewed Kobe #57 Hime Hydrangea, which was an amazing color for its behavior and amazing blue shading.  The color was released with a sister ink so to speak, Kobe #56 Rokko Shichidanka, together they are... Continue Reading →

Seven Seas Crossfield vs. Taroko Shop Enigma Review

I use fountain pens with tomoe river paper exclusively.  It just never felt good using them with anything else, be it an L1917, Munken paper, etc.  The Seven Seas Crossfield has been my go to and I have finished one... Continue Reading →

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