Many have sent in questions about where to get Colorverse ink, and I’m happy to announce that you can now get them through Hippo Noto! But more about that after the review ^_^.

I typically don’t prefer red inks, but red #sheeny inks are a different story, hence my decision to try Colorverse Redshift next.

For this review I decided to ink the Visconti Chiantishire, a beautiful red theme pen with gold accents. All experiments done on 68GSM Tomoe River Paper in Hippo Noto.


Ink Blob:

Writing Sample:

This color is just gorgeous, the ink feels a bit “thicker” than other red inks with gold sheen I’ve tried. It has a very nice saturation, and also gorgeous shading. Quite a bit of sheen is present, even in regular writing. The sheen is more of a matte sheen than the brilliantly gold sheen I usually see coupled with red. It is worth noting that while I consider this ink a medium wet ink, it is a bit more dry than the other Colorverse colors I have tried.

I am happy to announce that Hippo Noto will be carrying Colorverse inks! For a while I have been looking at items to add to our lineup, and what better products to have alongside Hippo Noto than sheeny inks? The price includes domestic shipping to the USA on 2+ inks. Shipping fee applies for single ink orders. Our first shipment is expected to arrive the week of 1/22/18, and we will be fulfilling orders as soon as the shipment arrives at our warehouse! Seasons 2 and 3 are available for pre-order. See all the options at .

To celebrate this, I am giving away a set of Colorverse Andromeda! The first color that I decided to try when I found out about the inks.


I leave you now with a photo of some paper testing ^_^.