Moving on in the Colorverse, I decided to I try Einstein Ring. What a cute name for an ink, and a cute design too 😛

For this review I decided to ink up my Christmas pen! The Namiki Yukari Herb Decoration with Medium nib.

Ink Blob:


Time-Lapse! Ink drying on 68GSM Hippo Noto paper:

There is a lot to love about this color! What stood out the most to me was the shading that this ink produced, its amazing! It even has very subtle bits of sheen on wet parts of the letters. The sheen is almost a matte gold, as opposed to the more foil-like gold that I see in many other inks.

I also noticed that the blob dried very quickly. I’m usually waiting for at least an hour for one to dry, but this one seemed to be done in a flash, I should really start timing those! For science of course ^_^.

I leave you now with this photo I took on Christmas Eve of the Shaka Santa display at Honolulu Hale. A Hawaii tradition! Anyone else miss the holiday season?