Having a look at my collection of ink, I noticed that greens were sorely lacking.  I am generally a lover of pinks, purples, and blues, but greens have been more few and far between.  This is why Kingdom Note’s new series of three GREEN inks sparked my interest.


The colors are Coconut, Dwarf Banana, and Jade Vine, which are thankfully on the bottle in English so no weird translation errors ^_^.  Since the photo on the front had a lot of blue tones I decided to try Jade Vine first, comfort zone secure!


For this review I decided to ink up my new LE Sailor Profit.  Pink and brown?  Yes pls!


InkJournal Entry:


Ink Blob:


Ink Swab:


Sheen Shot!:


Yes, it sheens!  Despite the just barely medium saturation, in the wettest pools of the blob there is sheen.  A gorgeous red sheen similar to the one found on RO Peppermint and Montegrappa Green.  In regular writing this sheen doesn’t show up, but the wonderful darking right before sheen does come up regularly which is a beautiful characteristic in itself.

When this ink shades lighter it almost looks like its glowing.  If it was just a bit more saturated and had sheen during normal writing I think it would be a favorite of mine ^_^

I leave you now with a photo that Robert Oster sent me of the Hippo Purple swabs being made.  If you haven’t already check out Hippo Noto Update #16 here!