Deviating from my usual purple/pink exploration, I decided to try a green. Pent has a new series of inks that correspond with the seasons.

Photo credit to the Rakuten Pent shop. It was a wonderful experience ordering from Pent, they shipped my inks out right away and there were no leaks, which isn’t always the case when ordering from Japan.

The boxes are just lovely, not the standard black Sailor boxes, but a lavender box with seasonal plants on it. Very fitting for the theme.

For this review I decided to ink up my Pelikan M600 Pink, not exactly a matching pen, but one of my favorite writers!

Ink Entry:

Ink Blob:

Ink Swab and Comparison:

The first color Aomidori reminded me of was Kingdom Note Jade Vine. When comparing the swabs, Jade Vine seems a bit brighter than Aomidori, and also has more of a sheen in the wet pools of the blob. No need for any rebottling theory in this case 🙂 They are both beautiful greens, but for the tone on Jade Vine is a bit more pleasing to me.

I did not notice any sheen while writing which is always sad, but it does have a lot of nice shading.

Is it ok to say winter is coming? I wonder what the next two Pent inks will be….

I leave you now with a photo of our doggo looking cute ^_^.