Nemosine isn’t a brand I have come across too many times in the FP world.  The first and only time was a Nemosine Singularity fountain pen when I first started with FPs.  It was a great pen, but I “outgrew” it in the way that many people do with their first pens.


So when I heard that they had inks I was intrigued!  Nemosine released inks that were named for outer space ^_^.  I ordered three of these inks directly through Nemosine and received a free starter fountain pen with the purchase.  Alpha Centauri was the first one I decided to try because well…purple!


For this review I decided to ink up my neglected Pilot VP Galaxy ^_^  Seemed a fitting choice given the ink name.


InkJournal Entry:



Ink Blob:

FullSizeRender 13

Ink Swab with comparison to Lamy Dark Lilac:


This ink is a beautifully saturated purple with some shading and sheen on TR paper.  I did get sheen during normal writing as well, but I would not say as much as I usually get with Lamy Dark Lilac.  I am impressed with this ink so far and wouldn’t hesitate to have another bottle on hand.  Can’t ever have too many purple inks right?

Until next time I leave you with a photo of our youngest puppy all nice and clean!  Didn’t last long though…