By now everyone knows about my love for hippos ❤  So when I saw these super cute pen wraps I knew that a hippo one had to be made!  As my pen collection grows, so does my need for a way to transport them.  Right now I am using a pen case that I bought on Etsy and a Nock and Co. Sinclair.  How many pens do I carry?  Lets just say more than a few ^_^.


The Sinclair is great, but the other pen case I have been using just doesn’t have that protection that keeps the pens from touching.  I have been keeping a bunch of little pen bags in it to prevent damage.  This amazing hippo pen wrap solves the problem completely!  And in a totally cute way.


It probably took around a week and a half from order to in my hands, speedy!  The material feels thick and stitching is very neat.  The pen pockets are large enough to fit most pens, and the roll also closes nicely.  I will let the photos speak for themselves.  The large rolled photo is the wrap full of pens!

Another neat thing is that when I am not on the go, this makes a great pen mat!


No worries about rolling or scratching!  I love items that have double functions.  If you would like one of these wraps, the shop is located here:  Writteninrice @ Etsy Shop.  They are all handmade in the USA by one of our fellow pen addicts.

I leave you now with this epic photo of the MB Rouge et Noir Coral snake pen I’ve been waiting on forever ^_^.