A while back I received the Platinum 3776 Century Nice Lilas.  A beautiful pink limited edition version of the popular Platinum 3776.


The term limited is used loosely, the only limited nature of the pen being that the first 2000 come with a numbered blotter card.  Pity that the pen itself isn’t numbered.  Since I took this photo I’ve actually lost the packaging somehow, which was a bit lackluster.

But the pen itself is just gorgeous!  It is a pink that tends towards purple and has a sand-blasted type finish.  It came with a cartridge and a converter.

FullSizeRender 4.jpg

The hardware and nib are rose gold which complement the color nicely.

I chose a medium nib for this particular pen.  Here are some writing samples with other pens with medium nibs.


This pen joined my small collection of one other Platinum pen, a 3776 in Chartres Blue.

Before I bought a 3776 I did some research and saw that there were many people who swear by them.  I wasn’t too thrilled with the blue 3776 when I received it, but the pink was thrilling.  I suppose I might just be biased ^_^  #suckerforallthingspink

I leave you now with a heartfelt thank you for all the support on Hippo Noto!


If you haven’t already seen, we have added two new #stretchgoals!  A pen loop, and optional ivory tomoe paper.  Also, in honor of meeting our #stretchgoal number 2, we are organizing another color option for this launch.

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