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Lamy Petrol Review + Petrol Hippo Bundle Giveaway!

Lamy Petrol has been out for quite a while, I had planned to review it sooner, but time just got away from me and other sheen/shimmer/glitter caught my eye. In fact I had no idea that it was getting harder... Continue Reading →

Robert Oster Peppermint Review

Robert Oster Peppermint has eluded me for a bit.  By the time I realized that I needed another green in my life the place I usually get my ink from was sold out.  But like all good things a bottle... Continue Reading →

Writteninrice Custom Pen Wrap Review

By now everyone knows about my love for hippos ❤  So when I saw these super cute pen wraps I knew that a hippo one had to be made!  As my pen collection grows, so does my need for a... Continue Reading →

Lamy Pacific Blue Ink/Al-Star Review and Pen Giveaway!

The amazing turquoise Hippo Noto made me long for a happy blue, and I had a bottle of Lamy Pacific Blue waiting in the wings along with the matching Al-Star to try! To the dismay of many, Lamy repackaged their... Continue Reading →

Hippo Noto Kickstarter Up! ^_^

Soooo the Kickstarte went up a little earlier than was planned, but I am so happy it did!  I am amazed by the response so far, and am just so grateful for this community.  If you would like to join... Continue Reading →

GW Pens Alpha Custom Hippo First Impressions and Robert Oster Purple Soul Ink Review/Raid My Ink Cabinet Giveaway!

Since my trip down the rabbit hole of FPs, pens have become very dear to me.  I decided to combine that passion with my most cherished memory, that of my son. The backstory:  Almost four years ago my husband and... Continue Reading →

Giveaway 2.0 Lamy Safari Dark Lilac Pen!

The Lamy Safari was the first pen I bought when I got back into fountain pens.  I love that you can change the nibs extremely easily and they generally perform nicely as daily writers. If you've ever even read my... Continue Reading →

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