So I totally consider this an emergency review because a fellow pen lover showed me that the ink I just received in the mail is a purple WITH a sheen!!!  So far aside from the lovely Yama-Budo I have not found a purple that sheens so I was super excited.  I ordered Bungbox L’Amant on a whim and didn’t expect to be this blown away so here goes.

The ink came in the standard Bungbox packaging.  Here it is with the rest of my haul.  I should note this haul arrived on a Sunday, which means the post office is already in overdrive mode for the holiday season 🙂

It comes in the standard Sailor bottle, which I have a love hate relationship with.  Here she is with my beloved Sweet Potato Purple on the right.

I can’t get the label stickers to stay on the bottle, they really need to change those.  But on to the important stuff, the ink!

For this I decided to use one of my favorite pens of all time, the Pelikan M400 Tortoiseshell.  I was so excited about this ink I emptied out the MB Lavender that I had inside 😭

It did not disappoint!!!  This ink is super well behaved with a high flow, high saturation and excellent shading.  But the bonus is that there is sheen present.  I have seen varying degrees of it in reviews and for my review sadly I couldn’t get it to come out as much as others have but I have hope!  Perhaps with a broader nib?

I tried with some CF paper but the result wasn’t much different and I couldn’t see the sheen at all there.  I will revisit that later though, maybe with some ink blots :).  But for my purposes though, the writing is where it counts so I want to see that lovely sheen on my letters!  I think there is a little more sheen I can squeeze out of this once I find the right pen combination.  And I will find it!  #determined

More Bungbox inks will probably magically appear at my door, if anyone has any suggestions of ones that sheen, please let me know ^_^

I am super happy with this ink so I will leave you here with a photo of a cupcake lol.  If you’re a purple fan run don’t walk to get this ink, enjoy!