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Organics Studio Copper Turquoise (CU) Review

Ever since I first inked Organics Studio Nitrogen, I have been intrigued by their inks. So far though, I have only used their super sheeners. When I say super sheener, I mean so sheeny that the base color is sheen... Continue Reading →

Bungubox Imperial Purple Review

I have no idea what took me so long to try Bungubox Imperial Purple.  Its been available since I started trying Bungubox inks, and I've tried a lot of colors I like a lot less than purple without giving this... Continue Reading →

Bungubox Ink of Naotora Review

I definitely have a love/hate relationship with reds, mostly in that something inside me loathes buying red ink but when it arrives I usually end up loving it.  This purchase is no exception! Ink of Naotora is one of two... Continue Reading →

Bungubox Lycoris Red Review

After my previous Bungubox ink review, I realize that people spell it all manner of ways.  The official name for it is Bungubox, but I have also seen it as:  Bungu Box, Bungbox, Bung Box, Bung-Box, etc.  For the purposes... Continue Reading →

Bungbox Clown Tears Review

Ever since my first bottle of Bungbox Ink arrived I have been in love.  It is by far one of my favorite brands, with beautiful attributes all around.  I have only tried three of these inks so far but none... Continue Reading →

Pen Mail days are happy days ^_^

Today I received the shipment I've been waiting for from the Netherlands Shop Fontoplumo.  I read that they are the only place one can procure KWZ Monarch ink and I just had to get the free shipping so I ordered... Continue Reading →

Kingdom Note Thysanostoma Thysanura Ink Review

First of all MERRY CHRISTMAS ^_^.  I hope you all have had your pen wishes come true!  I try to keep the pen mail rolling all year so I didn't really choose one special thing for today.  Now to the... Continue Reading →

Emergency Bungbox L’Amant Review!

So I totally consider this an emergency review because a fellow pen lover showed me that the ink I just received in the mail is a purple WITH a sheen!!!  So far aside from the lovely Yama-Budo I have not... Continue Reading →

Epic Haul!

So today I come home to the best sight ever! All of these boxes are pen related except for the Shutterfly lol.  But I have to address the envelopes so...let's begin! My beautiful Alpha Pen from GW Pens arrived.  I had... Continue Reading →

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