Ever since my first bottle of Bungbox Ink arrived I have been in love.  It is by far one of my favorite brands, with beautiful attributes all around.  I have only tried three of these inks so far but none of them have been disappointing and all have been worth the $43.00 price tag.

Clown Tears is no exception.  It comes in the standard lovely Bungbox black and gold box.

The bottle actually has the eye of a clown crying.  I puzzled for a while over why they would have named this particular color Clown Tears.  I suppose clowns have red hair?

The bottle itself is the horrid sailor bottle with the plastic inside that is supposed to help.  I suppose at the end of a bottle this may help, but when it’s full its very inconvenient.  That is just about the only bad thing about Bungbox ink though.

For this review I decided to ink up my new Pelikan M205 White with steel M nib.  It has proven to be a consistent, wet writer just like my other two M205.  I typically prefer gold nibs, but the Pelikan steel nibs have never disappointed me.

InkJournal Entry HDR and Natural Light

Line going down on CF paper:


There is a lovely silver sheen when used on Tomoe, but it isn’t as sheen-tastic as other Bungbox inks.  The contrast the sheen has with the dark brown/red color is just gorgeous.

The bottle says the color is ruby, but I find that it is more a burgundy/brown.  Perhaps in a drier pen it would show more of the red, but in this Pelikan I see mostly brown.  I am dancing around the idea of getting chromatography paper…but that may open a whole different can of worms!

What is your favorite Bungbox Ink?

I leave you now with this video of my puppy catching some serious air!