So today I come home to the best sight ever!

All of these boxes are pen related except for the Shutterfly lol.  But I have to address the envelopes so…let’s begin!

My beautiful Alpha Pen from GW Pens arrived.  I had been dancing around this pen for a while.  Since I first met the wonderful John Greco and he showed me his site, I admired this pen.  So when Black Friday came and he had a special, I had to jump on it!  You’ll see why soon.

Can we just take a moment to enjoy the lovely packaging?  The box has a nice soft touch feel and the pen is housed in a plush silky cocoon inside.  He also included a handwritten wax sealed thank you note which was a very nice touch.

The depth of this pen is simply amazing.  And the colors are unique, I do not see them in the pen world too often:

I just can’t capture all of the beauty that is this pen in photos.

It is worth mentioning that this is a very light pen, I would say that it’s the lightest pen I own.  Hand cramps be gone!  I’ve already inked her up with Bungbox Sweet Potato Purple, which of course I will review once I’m done drooling over this pen!

My next treasure was of course a Pelikan!  If you’ve read my blog you know I am a huge fan of the birds.

This one was purchased from De Roos in the Netherlands, I worked with Alexander Mengerink and he is absolutely wonderful!  Has excellent knowledge of pens and a very nice selection.  I was looking for this pink bird for a while, and all the time it was in his shop!

The box came well packed, with the pen gift wrapped.  He included some high quality reading material as well as a post card :).  I really want to visit there someday!

I call the pink Pelikan box the dominatrix box. Lots of pretty ribbon to unwrap!  This setup would look great on some knee length boots 🙂

And then of course the pen…could not be happier with the shade of pink!  I have been saving a bottle of pink Caran d’ Ache chromatic for this.

And last but not least the ink!

I wanted to see what the Bungbox hype was so I treated myself to some sweet potato purple :). And of course I’ve been loving KWZ so I had to pick up another color there too.  Vanness1938 also gave me a free sample of Noodlers Army that I will have to try out too.

All in all today seriously feels like Christmas 🎄