I have no idea what took me so long to try Bungubox Imperial Purple.  Its been available since I started trying Bungubox inks, and I’ve tried a lot of colors I like a lot less than purple without giving this one much thought.  However, one day my Vanness order looked a bit bare so I added a bottle on ^_^.

For this review I inked my trusty Lamy 2000, a nice juicy writer.


InkJournal Entry:


Line going down on 68GSM Hippo Noto paper:

Ink Blob:


Ink Swab:

FullSizeRender 3.jpg


While I wouldn’t necessarily call this a sheen monster, it has a good amount of sheen that shows up both in the blob and during regular writing.  The color is exactly like the title says, a rich “imperial” purple.  No regrets at all about owning a full bottle of this one ^_^. Even with so many good purples out there, this one is worth having on hand!

I leave you now with a Hippo Noto announcement!  Due to the huge demand for late pledges and addons to existing pledges, we have opened a shop to accommodate those.  If you would like to order notebooks, the option will be open for around a week and a half.  That is the time it will take to get the final count and all surveys back.  We will put any orders that come through in for the launch shipment.  Hippo Purple Ink is also available for purchase with a notebook and/or existing pledge.  If you are interested please go to:

Its not too late to join the #hipposquad!

Thank you all for such a wonderful experience!  I hope that production will go smoothly and that these hippos will be on their way to everyone soon!  ^_^