It was actually a pink Lamy Safari that brought me back from the brink of an FP-less existence so it seemed only fitting that I add the “pinkish” Lamy LX to my collection.  Of course I had to get a pink ink to go with it, KWZ Raspberry :). I’m finding they are a match made in heaven.

The LX model comes in a cylinder case that seems to be of the same anodized-aluminum material as the pen.  To me the color didn’t seem exactly the same, but close enough!  I bought mine from Vanness for $56.00, which seems around the going rate for this pen.

The case it came in surprised me.  On the inside it has a very nice feeling rubber holster for the pen, ensuring that it wont be knocking around inside as its carried, and it will not scratch the pen either.

The body of this pen does not disappoint.  I have a bunch of other Lamy pens, Safari and Al-Star, and this one by far feels like it has the best construction.  It feels solid, yet remains light weight, of course not as light as a Safari, but I could not really feel much of a difference between this and the Al-Star.  The clip is an attractive rose gold as well as the top screw on the cap.

The metal is extremely shiny, and I hope that this lasts!  Its a joy to hold and to look at.

The pen unscrews in the same way that the Al-Star does, but features a black medium steel nib.  I prefer this nib to those found on my other Lamy pens, at least aesthetically.  I have also ordered a gold lamy nib for this pen but it has not arrived yet, I think it will make this pen perfect though ^_^

One thing I wanted to note is that the cardboard ring separator that came with the pen does not have printing on the inside.  I have read a few posts and blogs that say this is indicative of a fake.  This one is from a reputable shop and does not have the markings on the inside, and I have bought many others without it too.

I bought the fine nib version of it, and it is as smooth as my other Lamy pens, no skips, no hard starts so far.

This makes a wonderful addition to any Lamy collection.  It is around 2x the cost of an Al-Star but if you are like me and you like a bit of variety and a bit more of a “lux” feel, the price is easily justifiable.

I will leave you with a few photos of my Lamy collection 🙂