Space, the great expanse! What a perfect theme for inks that come from a company called Colorverse. After hearing bits and pieces of info regarding these inks, I decided to dig a little deeper. Of course I wanted to get them all into my collection, so I was dismayed when I saw that many were sold out on their site Colorverse Ink. Despite this I sent an email to them and was able to procure the entire set of 20 inks.

The boxes are super cute, but the awesomeness goes way beyond the exterior! Inside these boxes are not one but two bottles along with other Colorverse swag. I decided to try Andromeda out first, as the swab I saw looked very appealing.

This packaging is just amazing, it even comes with a blotter of sorts, a pen stand, an info pamphlet, and stickers, this is all in addition to both a 65ML bottle and a companion 15ML bottle of ink. The creators of this ink spared nothing when putting this together.

For this review I decided to ink up my Stylo-Art Sasanoha, it has an FA nib, and I wanted to see this color spread its wings. There was even some sheen already on the bottle ^_^.


Ink Blob (last photo enhanced to show detail):

Writing Sample:

That sheen tho! I’m sure that many of you are thinking the same thing that I was thinking when I first saw the color…how similar is it to Yama-Budo?

To do a comparison I took some shots of various stages of drying. This experiment is done on 68GSM TR paper in Hippo Noto ^_^.

Yama-Budo drying:

Andromeda drying:

Comparison after the two are mostly dry.

Andromeda seems to pull more red tones, while Yama-Budo stays true to its wine color throughout the drying process. They give each other a ruin for their money on sheening, but even in that trait they are a bit different. Andromeda has more of a copper sheen, while Yama-Budo gives off a vibrant gold. Both colors are beautiful and in my humble opinion it is worth having both in a collection.

One other cool thing I noticed is that the Andromeda blob didn’t even touch the next sheet! I dumped a ton of ink for this blob as well. Usually I will get a spot or two that comes through the next sheet, but this time it was totally clean.

So if you love sheen as much as I do, definitely give this color a try! I am looking forward to trying the other 19….that may take a while!

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I leave you now with this awesome photo of my new luggage tag. Montblanc Hawaii has an artist that comes in to do designs on leather goods, he rocks! Meet the #hippocactumus.