Moving right along in the new Diamine Shimmer inks set, I decided to try something totally out of my wheelhouse, Firefly. This color is a orange/red with gold shimmer, its loud, its bright, and not something that I thought I would find myself loving as much as I did…

For this review I decided to ink up a Broad 14k Jowo, in the beautiful Faceted Poe (Galaxy Ribbon) by the Herbert Pen Company.

This color looks like an inferno, or lava! It gave m the feeling of molten lava flowing through my pen.

The ink has a nice flow, and a pretty even distribution of shimmer.

One thing that I noticed was that it didn’t feel like it was clogging my pen at all, like some shimmers tend to do. It is a B nib, but I’ve seen clogging happen, none of that was present here. It seems that the Diamine Shimmers have improved a lot since earlier sets.


Photos of the blob:

See how it smolders? The range of color in the blob is decent, but during regular writing it is mostly one color, with the variation being in the shimmer. I can’t wait to write a letter with this ink!

It is worth noting that this ink felt much wetter than Frosted Orchid, which for me made it a much more enjoyable writing experience.

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I leave you now with a photo of the newest addition to my pen collection, first impressions and a giveaway coming soon!