Initially I bought three Penbbs colors, I just couldn’t get enough of the shimmery goodness that I witnessed with #258 so I was very excited to open #103 Hyacinth Macaw.

I like the penbbs packaging, they put a lot more effort into it than some other brands and the glass octagonal bottle is amazing. Perhaps someday they can do one with a hippo on the bottle? Lol. For this review I decided to go for a stub and ink up the GW Pens Gem Pen that I received from a Kickstarter project by the wonderful John Greco. He made sure this nib (1.1 stub) was super smooth and juicy.

Journal Entry:

Ink Blob:

Ink Swab:

This ink totally reminds me of a blue E of C. It has beautiful gold sparkles, and a red sheen with a blue base. No clogs to speak of and the ink seems well behaved. The only odd thing I noticed is that it went through my Mnemosyne Word Cards, I haven’t seen another ink do this. It was fine on 68GSM TR paper and behaved like other blobs do.

There was a pretty decent distribution of sparkle in regular writing and I forgot to roll the pen before I did my journal entry for this color. It seems that I have better luck with these shimmer inks than I do with other glittery inks that I have tried. The first few kind of put me off from bothering with glitter, but I am really liking the Penbbs range. Will have to try more of them for sure!

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I leave you now with a photo of last night’s awesome dinner! #wagyutomahawk