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Montblanc Ladies Edition: Pearl Review

It has certainly been a hot minute since I reviewed ink!  I've missed it, more about where I've been later 🙂 On my latest visit to the local Montblanc, I was lucky enough to pick up three new inks.  Petit... Continue Reading →

Lamy Petrol Review + Petrol Hippo Bundle Giveaway!

Lamy Petrol has been out for quite a while, I had planned to review it sooner, but time just got away from me and other sheen/shimmer/glitter caught my eye. In fact I had no idea that it was getting harder... Continue Reading →

Penbbs #103 Hyacinth Macaw Review

Initially I bought three Penbbs colors, I just couldn’t get enough of the shimmery goodness that I witnessed with #258 so I was very excited to open #103 Hyacinth Macaw. I like the penbbs packaging, they put a lot more... Continue Reading →

GW Pens Gem Pen “Rose Quartz” Review

Pens and inks are my passion, but I am totally of the opinion that gems are also a girl's best friend ^_^.  So when John Greco of GW Pens asked me to testdrive his new Gem Pen, available now on Kickstarter,... Continue Reading →

Hippo Noto Update!

Where's the ink?  I've been a little (or a lot) preoccupied lately with the awesomely hippo sized project Hippo Noto has become ^_^.  That being said I know that I have been slacking on the ink reviews!  My to try... Continue Reading →

Hippo Noto Kickstarter Up! ^_^

Soooo the Kickstarte went up a little earlier than was planned, but I am so happy it did!  I am amazed by the response so far, and am just so grateful for this community.  If you would like to join... Continue Reading →

Introducing: Hippo Noto

Many of you have probably been wondering what all the cryptic Robert Oster photos were about lately.  The time has finally come to announce a project that I am very excited about!  So the story goes: Last year I got... Continue Reading →

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