With cream Hippo Noto shipping winding down, I’ve had a bit of time to go back through my inks and enjoy some shimmer and sheen. I took this photo at the beach yesterday, with the hippos and some pens…a bit of relaxing before we start shipping again tomorrow.

It was such a bright and vibrant day, and it reminded me I haven’t reviewed a new ink brand that I came across from reports of the SF Pen Show. Penbbs is a brand that I have heard of, but since at the time there were not any USA retailers that carried it, and no shops abroad who would ship it to me, I didn’t really pursue it. So when I saw Vanness stocking it, I had to jump on a few bottles.

Penbbs is actually a Chinese forum, they not only discuss fountain pens and other stationery items, they also produce their own inks. That is such a fantastic concept! I have seen limited run inks pop up for domestic groups, but never anything on this scale. The color that I decided to start with of course had to be a shimmery pink.

There is a ton of glitter in this bottle, and I decided that a stub would show it off best. So inked up here is my Edison Nouveau 1.1 Stub in Delphinium.

InkJournal Entry:

Ink Blob (1st is not enhanced, second is enhanced to show detail):


Ink Swab:

The ink had good traits, like a nice flow, didn’t clog my pen! The shimmer is beautiful, but with all shimmer inks, its a bit messy and can have a dusting effect on the page it meets when closing. The ink has a dark sheen that gives the color depth despite the lack of shading. Can’t wait to try the other two Penbbs that I ordered ^_^

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I leave you now with another photo from the beaches of Hawaii. It was a bit of an overcast day, but it was still beautiful.