It seems that every new day brings news of a new Japanese ink. Someone in my local pen club brought the Tag Stationery Keihan inks to my attention and I had to try some! These are the only 3 that I could find that were not sold out.

Of course I had to buy two purples, just in case! I decided to start there, since purple is one of my top ink tones.

For this review I decided to ink up my Pelikan M800 Renaissance F Nib.

InkJournal Entry (remind me to get more InkJournals lol, I ran out so I improvised on a page of Hippo Noto):

Ink Blob:


The blob does have sheen in the wettest pools, and its a really neat sort of gunmetal gold type sheen. I haven’t seen this at all in regular writing sadly. It is a pretty dry ink, which allows for a lot of gorgeous shading, but not that sheen I am on the constant hunt for. It was a bit disappointing since in the back of my mind I am always looking for a replacement for Lamy Dark Lilac, which I have a bottle of but am afraid to use lol.

The regular writing with the ink and even the blob before it dried, reminded me of spilled grape juice. I’m not a fan of the flavor, but that might make it look delicious to some.

I leave you now with a photo from our HIPPO (Hawaii Pen and Paper Organization) pen meet. Pens and food!