It has been hectic lately, in an amazing way! While I don't have any inky wisdom to share today, I did want to share the progress of my project Hippo Noto ^_^. And of course do a giveaway! (See end of post).

Our cream books are in! And we couldn't be more excited. Seeing those pallets full of books with all the cute hippos on them just made my heart sing. The hippos won a lot of other hearts on the #hipposquad as well. Just look at Penn, she looks like the happiest girl in the world picking up her hippo.

We had to overcome some chaos…

But we soon got a system down, and things are steadily moving along.

It was amazing to pack Backer #1's pledge and watch it go out into the world.

We are steadily working our way through all the cream orders, and tracking numbers may be hitting your inbox soon ^_^.

To celebrate this, I've teamed up with Pen Chalet who has generously donated a bottle of Organics Studio Walden Pond, to add to our giveaway. Anyone who has even visited this blog once knows that I have a thing for sheen. A friend once called me the "Queen of Sheen", which is totally flattering but I'm not quite there yet lol. One of the first things I did in my Hippo Noto was try out Organics Studios Walden, and their new ink Emerson Twilight Blue. I already knew Walden was a sheen machine, but Emerson surprised me with a "foil" like sheen as well. The 68GSM TR Paper is simply amazing.

These dots are alternating Walden and Emerson, the sheen is basically the same though. I thought that there could be no better way to share the Hippo joy with the world than to do a giveaway! So here goes ^_^.

Click Here to Enter the Hippo Noto Let It Sheen Giveaway!

One lucky winner will receive both of these amazing sheening inks and Robert Oster Hippo Purple, plus a Hippo Noto to do their own experiments in.

***Three Bonus Winners will receive a bottle of Robert Oster Hippo Purple. Please see link for entry details.

From the entire Hippo Team I'd like to thank everyone for the tremendous amount of support and positive vibes that we have received throughout this journey.

If you haven't gotten in on the Hippo Noto fun yet, its not too late! We have opened Late Pledges for the Ivory shipment at The beautiful ivory paper we chose has a much higher minimum, so we are looking for a new more hippo homes ❤