I received a request to review my Pelikan M205 Aquamarine, so I figured why not also review the ink and do a giveaway ^_^.  So lets begin!

Pelikans were one of the first pens that came to my attention when I got into fountain pens.  While doing my research one thing that threw me off was the steel nib.  At the time I really didn’t know much about if I preferred gold or steel, my only FP being an MB Starwalker 100 Years edition.  I kept reading that people thought the entry-level Pelikans were too expensive for just a steel nib.  I decided I wanted to find out for myself.

The aquamarine is not my first M205, its actually my second or three, which I suppose tells you that in the end I loved the experience enough to buy two more.

The nib I chose for the Aquamarine is an F nib.

The steel nibs definitely aren’t as elaborate looking as their gold counterparts, but they do the job very well!  All of the steel nibbed Pelikans that I own are excellent writers, this one is no exception.  It produces a clear, wet line and is an interesting combination of feedback and smoothness.  If you have not tried a steel nib Pelikan I highly recommend it.

Line going down on 68GSM Tomoe:

The little hiccup in the video, totally my fault.  I really need a tripod…Also keep in mind that the ink I used in the video is actually Robert Oster Torquay.  I couldn’t bring myself to empty such a beautiful color, so I am reviewing the ink with another pen.

Size Comparison – From Left to Right:  M205 Aquamarine, M400 Tortoishell White, M600 Pink, M805 Stresemann

The Pelikan M205 is a great starter Pelikan if you aren’t sure about the brand, and a really nice workhorse if you’re already a fan like me ^_^

The color of this pen is truly glorious, it looks like it has sort of an ombré type coloring where the pen is filled and when it isn’t.

Now lets go admire the beautiful blue color of the ink!

As mentioned earlier in the review, I will be using another pen to do the ink review.  Blame Robert Oster for making such beautiful ink.  I chose a Lamy Safari with a steel M nib for this review.

​Line going down on 68GSM Tomoe Paper:

InkJournal Entry:

Ink Blob:

This is a wet ink, with good saturation and out of this world shading!  No sheen sadly, but it really doesnt need it.  The color carries it, and I am always happy to report that.  Sheen should be a bonus!

I bought the ink and pen as a set from LCDC.  It was around 125 Euro shipped, since of course I added inks and all manner of other pen goodies to my order for the free shipping.  Have to have the free shipping!

Now for the fun part, the giveaway!  I had a bottle of Edelstein Aquamarine prior to buying this set, so I would like to pass this bottle on to one lucky winner!  ^_^

Prize:  Bottle of Pelikan Edelstein Aquamarine Ink


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Thank you and good luck! ^_^