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Squishy’s Favorite Things Giveaway!

Its been crazy busy lately, but I have not forgotten about you all!  It's a good kind of busy though, and for your patience with the silence I wanted to say THANK YOU for being an amazing community ^_^.  In... Continue Reading →

Robert Oster Torquay Review

Robert Oster is known for his beautiful colors, especially wonderful blues!  I've had Torquay on the backburner for a while due to enjoying many of the other blues, but I'm glad that I got to this one.  For this review... Continue Reading →

Organics Studio Nitrogen Review

Organics Studio is an ink that I have heard more bad than good about.  Stories of sediment, dryness, and iffy quality.  Despite this when I saw a photo of the sheen that comes off their color Nitrogen, I had to... Continue Reading →

Robert Oster Berry D’Arche Review

Robert Oster has fast become one of my favorite ink creators.  His inks are basically always well behaved and the colors are just gorgeous.  So when I saw that there were new colors available, I just had to try them.... Continue Reading →

Monteverde Moonstone Ink Review

After the amazing experience I had with Monteverde Charoite I was really excited to try Moonstone. I bought a 30ML bottle instead of a 90ML because I was unsure about the color.  The bottle is super cute though 🙂  Tiny and... Continue Reading →

Kobe #30 Ooji Cherry Review

How many Kobe inks are there again?  Too many for my mere mortal collection to handle! But I am slowly working through them, at least the pinks and purples ^_^ I've had Kobe #30 Ooji Cherry sitting for a while,... Continue Reading →

Shosaikan Shinzan Review

Have you ever accidentally bought an ink?  That is sort of what happened here.  Green/Yellow is usually not my cup of tea, however I was wandering the ink auctions and came across this bottle. My fault for not reading the... Continue Reading →

Kobe #57 Hime Hydrangea Review

Are there really 50+ Kobe inks already?  I have 4 of them, I'm super behind!  The latest in my collection is Kobe #57, one of a pair of Hydrangea colors.  I chose to try this one first because of the... Continue Reading →

Montblanc JFK Ink Review and Giveaway!

In pursuit of the perfect blue, I came across a place that still sold Montblanc JFK ink!  Of course I had to grab one for myself, and one to give away to a lucky winner ^_^ There was a bit... Continue Reading →

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