It seems National Notebook Day passed without much fanfare, but what would pens and ink be without paper?  Giveaway at the bottom.

Krishna recently added some new colors to their lineup, including Vaikhari.


It comes in the regular 20ML bottle, which I still wish were larger, but to be fair I haven’t actually finished one yet.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from the color, but let’s take a look!

Ink Blob:

Writing Sample:

This ink totally reminds me of a lush forest, brown tree trunks and sheeny green leaves.  While I would say its a borderline sheen monster, there are many times when you can tell the ink actually has a brown base color.  I imagine doing many amazing swirls or writing a really psychedelic letter with this ink.

With the dip nib that I used, the ink had a really wet flow, and any pooling did produce a lot of sheen.  As the ink left the nib though, the brown color really comes through to give that tree effect.  I am a fan of green sheen so this one definitely gets the Squishy seal of approval!

Try it yourself HERE!

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Now for the fun part of it all, the giveaway!  In honor of National Notebook Day, we are giving away the following:

  • Hippo Noto Brown/Dot Grid
  • Colorverse Voyager 1 LE Set
  • Krishna Winter Ink
  • Set of Hippo Noto Washi Tape

These giveaway items are representative of the Hippo Noto universe.  If you are a Kickstarter or late pledge backer, you’ll be able to get maximum extra entries!  As a thank you for your time and patience during fulfillment.

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I leave you now with a photo of some awesome converters!