Red inks have definitely grown on me since I started using fountain pens.  Initially I didn’t really care for them, perhaps associating them with red marks on papers from the uni days…hell from the elementary days lol.  After I got over that initial hesitation, I discovered that I actually really love red inks, especially those with #sheen.  Currently I have at least five pens inked with different reds.

So lets talk Krishna Azaelia Flora.


Ink Blob:

Writing Sample:

This isn’t a true red, it pulls a bit of pink tone to my eyes.  It has moderate shading and a golden sheen in wet pools.  This is definitely not a Krishna sheen monster, but that is fine because it has a lovely base color.  This color reminds me a bit of Colorverse Redshift.

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I leave you now with this photo of some awesome Hawaiian Sea Turtles that we were lucky enough to see in the wild ❤