I’m always in the mood for a good purple, so I decided to try out Krishna Orchids tonight. The name makes me nostalgic for the times I would wander around my Grandmother’s garden as a child.  She was a great lover of plants and orchids were one of her favorites.


The actual name on the bottle appears to say Orchios, which appears to mean the same.  The color splash on the bottle looks like a pure purple, but the ink itself to me looks like a Blurple.

Ink Blob:

Writing Sample:

Lots of lovely sheen on this ink, but not enough to make it a sticky sheen monster.  The base color is a lovely Blue/Purple, and the sheen is a gold.  When I saw the ink drying I was hoping that it wouldn’t have the same reddish sheen that Krishna Mellow Blue has, and I was happy to see the gold peeking out as it dried.

For this review I used a dip pen so the writing is a lot more juicy than my standard FP test would have been, but even so the sheen does come out on the less concetrated areas. The shading doesn’t appear to be dramatic but given the amount of sheen present, the variation and depth of the ink is lovely.

Krishna Orchids is available in our shop, along with other inks in the collection ^_^.


If you have filled out the Chicago Pen Show 2018 Hippo Noto Pickup form by the deadline, your order is already on its way to the show!  Very excited to see everyone.  We do not have an official table, but we will be helping with the PIF table and showing Hippos and Prototypes.  Come by and say hi!

I leave you now with this awesome photo of my ASC Arco blending it at this month’s Hawaii Pen Meet.