Krishna inks are the relative new kid on the block in the inky arena.  They come in tiny 20ML bottles but pack a lot of strong traits, such as my favorite, sheen!

For the purposes of this review I decided to ink my Pelikan M800 Royal Gold, its a nice juicy writer and I wanted to see what this ink can do!

Ink Blob:

Writing sample:

Mellow is definitely not the first thing that came to mind when I started watching the blob. It starts off as a royal blue/blurple and in the saturated areas dries to a matte reddish sheen. While in the blob it looks like a super sheener, the writing was far more subtle sheen wise and not as sticky as something like OS Nitrogen is. Some lovely shading can be achieved, and you’ll get a lot of the base color even in a wetter pen.

This ink and others from the Krishna Ink Collection are available at

I leave you now with a photo of the #hipposquad hard at work to shippo hippos!