My entire FP life I have found myself blindly buying bottles of ink.  In a few short months I have accumulated 50+, some colors I have loved and others were just ok.  I don’t think there has been a color I have hated with the power of a thousand suns yet, but I’m sure its out there!

I recently posted about wanting to trade ink samples in the Ink Exchange on FB, and found a wonderful person who wanted some of my hard to find inks and they of course had grails I wanted to try.  I had total ink envy when I saw her list ^_^.  We ended up deciding to trade 14 samples.

Yes that says KingDON Note lol, but I left my labeler at work and I’m thinking she will know what I mean.

I am wondering how other people feel about sample trades.  I am kind of wishing it were more of a “thing”.  I usually don’t buy samples, but I love trading them.  For some reason in my head spending $10-30 on a bottle I may not like is more worth it than trying the color first for $2-5.00 and then buying said bottle if I really like it.  Perhaps its the constant urge to have my ink collection grow?  Maybe I just like looking at the bottles?  I may never know.

In any case its left me with a decent collection to do trades with ^_^.

Here is the tiny army almost ready for its new home!

Do you like samples?  Or are you more of an all in lets buy the bottle kind of person?