Its been a while since my last review, and for good reason!  We are winding down to the end of Hippo Noto Kickstarter fulfillment, with only around 18% of the pledges left to fulfill.  It has certainly been a long road, and we are looking forward to getting all the KS Hippos home!

Despite the excitement that comes with that, the entire #hipposquad was saddened by the death of a great friend of the fountain pen community, Jim Rouse of Franklin-Christoph.  He was beloved in the community for his skill and amazing personality.  I got to meet him at the pen shows and he was always happy to tune my new FC to the most fire hose like it could be.  I was informed after his passing that he supported his grandchildren, as someone who was raised by my grandparents, this really struck a chord.  In the spirit of love, and continuing to support the pen community and their families, the Hippo Noto team is doing its part by donating a portion of our August sales and part of the proceeds from a special Hippo Noto Pocket Series 3-Pack, found here:

Benefit Hippo Noto 3-Pack


These books feature the same paper as the regular sized Hippo Noto.

Jim, you will be missed ❤

The new seasons of Colorverse coming out reminded me that I haven’t tried all of the older seasons yet.  Proxima B was on my list to try because well…who doesn’t need another blue ink lol.


Season 1 comes with two of the same ink color in two sizes of bottle.  I’ve seen more and more people either trading or selling the smaller bottle which is a good way to try more for less, as these inks are definitely not cheap.

Ink Blob:

Writing Sample:


Drawing Sample:


This ink has a wide range of color, from a lighter navy blue, to the dark tones of the sea.  There is a black-ish sheen present, but hardly there in regular writing.  It does have a lot of shading, but the variance is not as dramatic in writing as it is in the swirls.  Overall a color I can definitely use, but not one that screams reach for me.  Perhaps it’s that my first love is regular writing sheen lol.

If you’d like to try this, there are a few more bottles available here.

I leave you now with this photo of some of my favorite stationery ^_^.

IMG_4669 2.jpg