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Kobe #61 Yuki-Gosho Sakura Review

I love all the Sakura color inks/items coming out this time of year ^_^.  So when I came across this Sakura pink Kobe, I knew I had to get a bottle.  The bottle is the standard Kobe bottle without the... Continue Reading →

Monteverde Moonstone Ink Review

After the amazing experience I had with Monteverde Charoite I was really excited to try Moonstone. I bought a 30ML bottle instead of a 90ML because I was unsure about the color.  The bottle is super cute though 🙂  Tiny and... Continue Reading →

Kobe #30 Ooji Cherry Review

How many Kobe inks are there again?  Too many for my mere mortal collection to handle! But I am slowly working through them, at least the pinks and purples ^_^ I've had Kobe #30 Ooji Cherry sitting for a while,... Continue Reading →

Bungbox Clown Tears Review

Ever since my first bottle of Bungbox Ink arrived I have been in love.  It is by far one of my favorite brands, with beautiful attributes all around.  I have only tried three of these inks so far but none... Continue Reading →

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