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Colorverse Morning Star Review

Happy Holidays everyone! Before I begin I would like to congratulate Cesar Hernandez for winning our latest giveaway! ^_^. Since nothing says Christmas holidays like red and green tones, I decided to try out Colorverse Morning Star. I will be... Continue Reading →

Kobe Gogh Deep Blue Review

Japanese stationery store exclusive inks are a rabbit hole that I sometimes wish I hadn’t gone down, or well my wallet wishes! With as many as there are and obtainability issues, its just about impossible to keep up, so when... Continue Reading →

Maruzen Nihombashi Sakuramichi Review and Pilot Vanishing Point Decimo Sakura LE First Impressions

As many of you may have guessed, I am a huge fan of pink!  The silicon keyboard cover of my laptop is pink, the case is pink, even the case for my iPad is pink.  Lets just say that if... Continue Reading →

Visconti Purple Review

My experience with Visconti thus far as been limited.  I have a single Visconti pen, which after decent performance started giving me a less than stellar writing experience.  The nib was replaced under warranty, however the replacement nib acts the... Continue Reading →

Bungubox Ink of Naotora Review

I definitely have a love/hate relationship with reds, mostly in that something inside me loathes buying red ink but when it arrives I usually end up loving it.  This purchase is no exception! Ink of Naotora is one of two... Continue Reading →

Bungubox Tortoiseshell Brown Ink Review

As a huge fan of both Bungubox and all things tortoiseshell, when I saw a color called Bungubox Tortoiseshell Brown I just had to try it!  It is written that it is supposed to match the Tortoishell Brown M400 from... Continue Reading →

Lamy Dark Lilac Review

Recently I have received some lovely samples from my friends and readers.  I am usually the kind of person who just blindly buys a bottle, however there are some inks that are either very difficult to obtain or are so... Continue Reading →

Kobe #41 Suma Rikyu Rose Review 

Roses are red, violets are blue?  Not this rose!  This ink is definitely pink, perhaps with some light red tones.  This ink also reminded me of a Bungubox ink that I love, so there's a bit of a comparison.  I... Continue Reading →

Maruzen Athena Eternal Blue Ink Review

When I re-entered the world of fountain pens the name Maruzen was still foreign.  Now a few months back into the frenzy, to me it has become synonymous with grail.  I had never had a grail ink before, the rarest... Continue Reading →

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