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Monteverde Fire Opal Review

Orange isn't a color I am typically in love with, but its definitely a color that I want to love.  It is a bright, happy color that really gives a little something extra to the pages of my notebook whenever... Continue Reading →

Ishida Bungu Hakodate Curry Review

This totally isnt a food review I promise ^_^.  Ishida Bungu has an exclusive color called Hakodate Curry.  The name itself makes me totally hungry, and the photo on the front of the bottle didn't do anything to help me... Continue Reading →

Monteverde Garnet Review

After my disappointment with Moonstone, which a lot of other people seem crazy about :), I approached this ink with less expectation.  Charoite set the bar extremely high!  Out of the two remaining that I purchased, Garnet and Fire Opal... Continue Reading →

Pen and Message Sanyasou Review

Please forgive me if I butchered the name of this ink, the translation came out totally wrong!  As you will see in the time-lapse. Yesterday I received the shipment of Pen and Message/Writing Lab inks that I have been waiting... Continue Reading →

Akkerman Pulchri Pink Review

More pink this week!  Akkerman Pulchri Pink #20 is not a new ink to me, in fact it is one of the earlier ones in my collection and one of my all time favorite pinks, you'll see why soon! The... Continue Reading →

Kobe #30 Ooji Cherry Review

How many Kobe inks are there again?  Too many for my mere mortal collection to handle! But I am slowly working through them, at least the pinks and purples ^_^ I've had Kobe #30 Ooji Cherry sitting for a while,... Continue Reading →

Shosaikan Shinzan Review

Have you ever accidentally bought an ink?  That is sort of what happened here.  Green/Yellow is usually not my cup of tea, however I was wandering the ink auctions and came across this bottle. My fault for not reading the... Continue Reading →

Pen Mail!

Just wanted to share a bit of happy pen mail 😍🖋 Haven't gotten to play with them yet due to IRL obligations but it will be my mission tomorrow!  I would definitely call this a good pen mail day though... Continue Reading →

Kobe #57 Hime Hydrangea Review

Are there really 50+ Kobe inks already?  I have 4 of them, I'm super behind!  The latest in my collection is Kobe #57, one of a pair of Hydrangea colors.  I chose to try this one first because of the... Continue Reading →

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