My Inky Pen Adventure



Colorverse Einstein Ring Review

Moving on in the Colorverse, I decided to I try Einstein Ring. What a cute name for an ink, and a cute design too 😛 For this review I decided to ink up my Christmas pen! The Namiki Yukari Herb... Continue Reading →

Visconti Purple Review

My experience with Visconti thus far as been limited.  I have a single Visconti pen, which after decent performance started giving me a less than stellar writing experience.  The nib was replaced under warranty, however the replacement nib acts the... Continue Reading →

Maruzen Athena Eternal Blue Ink Review

When I re-entered the world of fountain pens the name Maruzen was still foreign.  Now a few months back into the frenzy, to me it has become synonymous with grail.  I had never had a grail ink before, the rarest... Continue Reading →

J. Herbin Encre Violette Review

So I admit I have been drawn to yet another purple.  I was browsing inks and lo and behold a violet and white box pops up on my screen and somehow magically arrives in my mailbox 😜 The culprit is... Continue Reading →

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